Languedoc Vins

Languedoc Vins is a wine store specialized in Languedoc-Roussillon. We have selected the wines from producers that belong to the elite of their appellations. Our selection is therefore exclusively focused on the highest quality. Most of our wines come from Domaines that work by the parcel, or with low yields, and they are therefore very demanded but difficult to find. As a consequence, we may have a limited number of bottles available, and our philosophy is to favor private customers that are true wine lovers. This is quite important to us.

Languedoc Vins is much more than an online store, we also organise wine tasting events across Belgium, or help you create your own private event for friends and family. In addition, you can visit us at our own cellar in Feluy (5km from Nivelles) upon appointment or during our open day events.

Languedoc Vins offers a selection of the best vineyards, which we have visited in the past months or years.

We only sell what we know. This offers you a guarantee of satisfaction. If you don't like a wine, we will change it for another one.

Languedoc wines also aims to create community and thus consolidate its customers and make them happy together around activities. Share our pleasures, our knowledge, our good tips Participate ... or even organize a trip to Languedoc-Roussillon tempt you ... I will be very happy to share with you all, all the initiatives, proposals, or any of searches !!

We also strive to practice the sale of the domain wines priced when possible (90% of our catalog). For bulk purchases (eg reception), or to our professional customers (Horeca, wine shop), we have a specific rate.

Free home delivery within 20km from the cellar (7181 Feluy) for any order of at least 200€ (see our General Terms of Sale for more details)





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